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#BeausBowl Log – Little Evie, Redfern – Friday 18/08/17

After a big week involving a move to a new apartment, finishing up a technical course whilst piling on the training load the prospect of the Nero Friday Bunchie ride was really the only thing pulling me through the week. This week I decided I would take the group to Little Evie a relatively new Café which opened up in Redfern late 2016. I had done my reco on this café and knew it had decent park up facilities suitable for a big group (tick) and knew from past experience it brewed a mean coffee. The question was could it deliver when the stakes were high with 20 or so HANGRY cyclists rolling through the doors.

I have to say initially I was concerned as the speed of taking orders seemed to take forever and I was worried this foreshadowed a long and drawn out wait for everyone’s meals and drinks to arrive. However, we got through it and within 10 minutes the kitchen was churning out meal after meal. I think this had something to do with Nigel the store owner who was an avid cyclist fan himself and really wanted to look after our group.

For food, I went for the mushroom poached eggs whilst my wife Emm went for the veggie bowl. I mention this, as when we go out we typically order 2 different dishes and split to get the best of both worlds. Unfortunately for me it is a 50/50 split as Emm is a fellow cyclist and enjoys her breaky just as much as me ☹ I was pretty stoked with the meal and the serving size for both meals was more than generous. Out of the 2 meals, the Vege bowl was the easy winner.

Later Chris suggested to the group I should taste test everyone else’s meal at the table and it was at this stage I came to realise Chris really looks out for his fellow team mates! Swooping in before this opp could close I quickly sampled Junior’s (Angus Calder) ‘default order’ pancake stack and Maddy’s French toast with salted caramel on the side. The pancake was super light and fluffy but it was the French toast with salted caramel that literally set my taste buds on fire (well as close to that post chilli consumption Nirvana state of mind). Based on the above, the food at Little Evie easily scores a solid 5/5.

As for the coffee what can I say. I ended up buying a take home bag of the in-house roasted beans as I was so blown away by the quality of the long black and piccolo coffees I had ordered – 5/5.

Overall, I reckon Little Evie should reconsider a name change to BIG EVIE – big on taste, big on parkup and big on great customer service. I will definitely be back for some French toast with salted caramel very soon. It’s a bit unorthodox but Little Evie definitely deserves the 5.5/5 on the #BeausChilliScale.

Check Out the VLOG from todays Beaus Bowl Ride


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