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#BEAUSBOWL | Nooks Place

#BeausBowl Log – Nooks Place (adj. to CP), Randwick, Sydney – Friday 16/02/18

For over 4 years now I have ridden past Nooks Place hundreds of times as part of my daily commute to work but due to the nature of these rides I have never been in a situation to call in for a quick coffee/feed. I have both heard and read that the Café is pretty good for a feed and brew and often see lines spilling out of it on weekends. Based on this it was an easy choice for the next café to hit on the weekly #BeausBowl #FriYAY Nero Bunchie ride.


Now I’m gonna start with the food. I ran with the BRAT which is basically a bacon and egg (note it is a well done egg) with avocado and homemade mayo on Turkish. These last few weeks I have been craving the B&E rolls and you would probably have noticed a theme of them if you have been following any of my insta posts. Maybe it’s the summer weather or humidity??? Actually I’m pretty sure it’s just the bacon that keeps drawing me back. Now Nook’s variant on the humble B&E is not earth shattering different but it is good. I really liked the #crispyAF bacon which paired well with the Turkish and avo. I have to say this roll could be improved significantly by first adding more avocado (the roll had a smear of avocado rather than slices which is what I was expecting – maybe due to fact avo’s are not in season?) and secondly having a runny egg yolk. On this front I bequeath a 3/5 for food.

As for the coffee… well this is where this place falls short a little bit. I was expecting a pretty good brew based on first appearance but overall the piccolo I ordered was fairly weak and under extracted and the milk was lukewarm. For coffee the café scores a 2.5/5.

The park-up a Nook’s is pretty good for a mid-size group of cyclists with dedicated bike parking loops directly adjacent to the café (note the bike loops are out of sight though). The café fronts onto King street which runs parallel to Alison road but despite its proximity to this main thoroughfare there is minimal traffic. Note Nooks Place is located on the corner of Kings St and Church St right near Centennial Park so it provides an ideal location for an easy park-up in close proximity to the park. So for park-up I’m giving the café a 3/5.

Overall, Nook’s Café gets a 3/5 on #BeausChilliScale. Note if and when I return I will definitely run a non-caffeinated beverage and will be opting for one of the in-house made muffins. These things looked so good and got rave reviews from my compatriots who ordered correctly this am.



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