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#BeausBowl Log – The Spruce Goose, Centennial Parklands, Sydney – Friday 09/02/18

It seems like an eon ago when I last blogged on food. Since them Xmas has come and gone, the tour down under has been run and won in typically blistering hot conditions and the annual Tuesday Worlds Crit racing at Heffron has started up again in full swing. One thing that has remained constant throughout this period of time is my commitment to #GOODEATS. I have been fortunate to have eaten A LOT of good food over the festive season which hopefully sets the tone for this year. As this was the first official #BeausBowl ride for 2018 I wanted it to be a goody. From previous experience I knew that the Spruce Goose Caravan in CP did a mean brew and was told they ran a pretty legit bacon and egg roll. Armed with this knowledge I led our small band of troops on a CP Zone 2 spin out to get the intestinal juices flowing and primed for the breaky to come.

Now first up for this review I am starting with the park-up. The park-up is exceptional! You are literally perched on the edge of the CP lake with relaxing garden contrasted by the grand views of the city skyline. There is ample seating for a horde of cyclists and a similar amount of parking for the hordes' trusty steeds. There is one caveat though and that is winter…I could not be paid enough to visit this place in winter as it literally freezes over and guarantees hypothermia for anyone brave enough to venture in. However, it was a warm summers morning and hence earns a score of 4.5/5 for park-up.

Now getting to the food. I ran the Maple Bacon and Egg Roll ($6) with a Chilli Sauce substitute to the regularly run BBQ sauce. This may sound sacrilegious to a lot of you but I highly recommend this combo as the chilli really brings out and enhances any savoury food thus rendering it 20% tastier (#whyliveat80%). The egg was medium done (as per my selection) and the bacon was suitably crispy. The serving size was equivalent to 1.5 B&E McMuffins so I reckon that is pretty good value overall. Overall, I was pretty impressed and rate the food a 4/5.

Now I already have mentioned the coffee is great and I was not disappointed. The piccolo was silky smooth and the coffee was unburnt and perfectly extracted, anther 4/5.

Overall, I’m rounding up and the Spruce Goose earns a respectable 4.5/5 on #BeausChilliScale (I will be back to pump several Maple Bacon and Egg rolls over the remainder of this summer).

Please note the #BeausBowl #FriYAY Nero bunch ride is open to all and I encourage anyone who is keen for an easy spin and wants to partake in some quality banter to come along. See you next week at 6am at the Horse Park Gates in Centennial Park!

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