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I realised after uploading the video I should clear a few things up 1. Sony RX100V - I paid for this camera, it's mine, there is no sponsorship deal or the like with that 2. Sony Action Cam - As above, paid for it etc etc 3. Wahoo Bolt - paid for it 2. Sony RX0 - Sony lent me this camera for a couple of weeks to see what I could come up with. Now like I mention in the video, that was initially a lot of shaky footage, but after getting the hang of it, I'm genuinely excited about what I might be able to do with it. The reason I mention this is I know people can get a little thingy about talking about endorsing products they received in kind, so I hope you'll appreciate me being pretty upfront about it.

I've been super impressed with the BOLT since moving back to Wahoo. You guys may remember I ran an ELEMENT way back when, but shifted to the PC8 after getting a few ANT+ drop outs. All that seems to be resolved, but like above all keep you abreast.

Finally our little calibration (zero offset) chat, please pop any power meter questions below and either Jesse or I will get around to answering them, especially of you have any thoughts on the value of the Zero Offset.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTAGRAM: @chrismiller27 @nerokomracing TWITTER: @chrismiller @nerokomracing WEB: STRAVA: BIKE BIANCHI SPECIALISSMA GROUPSET: Shimano Dura Ace Di2 FILMING EQUIPMENT: SERVICE & SUPPORT: Atelier d'Velo INCOME PROTECTION FOR CYCLISTS: TEAM CAR: MERCEDES BENZ C250d From Mercedes-Benz Sydney TEAM VAN: MERCEDES BENZ Sprinter Panel From Mercedes-Benz Sydney

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All shot on a Sony a6500, Sony RX100 V, Sony RX 0, GoPro Hero 6, iPhone 8+


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