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Seriously, how good is that course?!?!

As you guys know full well, crits are not my thing. So to travel to a race weekend that includes a crit seems a bit out of character. But I was assured this course is worth riding, and the lads were right ... its everything a crit should be.Couple that with riding with an awesome bunch of blokes and you have the makings of a great weekend.

This kind of brings me on to another subject that I'm keen to discuss soon, but it always disappoints me these race weekends don't get the numbers the Fondo or Sportive weekends get. I know, I know, poeple are scared of racing ... but it is those people a lot of the time who regards said sportives as 'races' ... anyway, that's for another time.

Be sure to check out the full race video here:

and the strava file:

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTAGRAM: @chrismiller27 @neroracing TWITTER: @chrismiller @neroracing WEB: STRAVA: BIKE Noah SL - GROUPSET: SERVICE & SUPPORT: Cycling Projects Racing Ashbury ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All shot on a Sony e5100, Sony Action Cam, Cycliq FLY 12, iPhone 5se. Edited in Final Cut Pro X.


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