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Episode 141 || SUBSCRIBE:

I think the term "mash up" was invented for days like this. I was initially planning on doing Saturdays race as a stand alone VLOG, but with Ciara's birthday in the morning and Danny's farewell in the evening there was a sever lack of time ... and motivation.

That said, big thanks to KOM Financial and Mercedes Benz for turning what was essentially a Saturday afternoon club race into an event with the sort of prize money an NRS tour can only dream about.

Unfortunately I wont be around to support the rest of the series, but the lads should be available for most of it.

Finally, some good news. You'll be getting a break from me over the next 6-8 days, as I'm not planning on uploading anything from the first part of our family holiday. That said, #beausbowl will still be going ahead, and for anyone wanting to be Jesse's training partner while I'm gone, feel free to wait for him at the Centennial Park gates ... you'll have to shout, he'll be wearing ear phones.

Thanks to Stu Baker for those great Heffron photos!


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