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After a full week of no riding, minus a couple of laps of the Bay Run with the girls in the trailer, it was time to get back into it with a pretty special one.

Sydney's first "super crit" brought out not only one of the best fields assembled for a crit in NSW in some time, but it also was about 600m from my door step.

Now I'm pretty conscious of the fact most of the Race VLOGs we do are very A Grade or my race targeted. I'm really going to try and improve that over the next few months, but I'll be honest it is very hard especially when a lot of the time you are either preparing for your own race or simply don't know what happened.

That said, a massive thanks to everyone for their comments after the Tassie VLOG. We're going to take on all your ideas and try and follow up on the content you guys are after.



INSTAGRAM: @chrismiller27 @neroracing TWITTER: @chrismiller @neroracing WEB: STRAVA: BIKE Noah SL - SERVICE & SUPPORT: Cycling Projects Racing Ashbury ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All shot on a Sony a6500, Shimano Sports Camera, iPhone 8 Plus, Edited in Final Cut Pro X.


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