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Nero Continental Launches

Nero is delighted to announce our bold new look and vision for the 2020 season and beyond.

Nero Continental is the newest team to join the UCI Continental ranks, giving our riders and partners exposure to races on a larger stage.

The aesthetic of the new-look team takes reference from the location and timing of its establishment, however, the structure and roster have an eye towards the future.

The 2020 roster is a diverse mix of athletes from all over the Asia-Pacific region.

🇦🇺 Ben Carman​ @carmanben

🇦🇺 Jesse Coyle​ @jessecoyle

🇯🇵 Daisuke Kaneko​ @kaneko158cm

🇦🇺 Dylan McKenna​ @dylan_mckenna98

🇦🇺 Christopher Miller​ @chrismiller27

🇦🇺 Bentley Olden​

🇦🇺 Leigh Phillips​ @gilderoyleighart

🇦🇺 Cooper Sayers​ @cooper_sayers1

🇦🇺 Myles Stewart​ @myles_stewart6

🇦🇺 Jay Vine​ @jay_vine

🇭🇰 Leo Yip​ @the_asian_cyclist


Support Team

🇦🇺 Luke Manion​ @lukemanion

🇦🇺 Elizabeth Anne Miller​ @lizistricky

🇦🇺 Aaron Paul​ @nefarious86

🇲🇾 Izzat Roslan​ @roslanizzat

Make sure you add the guys to follow their journey. #fivepointeight



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