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It is with a fair amount of excitement that we announce our 2018 Rider Roster. A great mix of youth, from across Australia. We have been blown away with your support in 2017, it has been humbling to say the least, and we look forward to furthering our journey into the 2018 season.

As we alluded to during the EOI process, we are continuing with our NRS team while also including a development squad. Our coaching program integrates into this mix to develop and progress our NRS riders while giving our development riders a real pathway.

We could not be in this position to move forward into the 2018 season without the support of our sponsors and supporters.

KOM Financial Advice​ Income Protection For Cyclists, Mercedes-Benz Sydney​, Atelier de Vélo​, Shimano-Road​, Aussie Butt​, Sydney Uni Velo SUVelo​.

As in 2017, we view our sponsors very much as partners in our journey, like minded individuals who approaching things a little differently. Case in point is our naming rights sponsor KOM Financial Advise who not only see huge value in supporting the local riding and racing scene, but offer services targeted at bettering outcomes for cyclists and triathletes with their income protection for cyclists.

On a personal note we'd like to make special mention of our friends at Cycling Projects Racing who were with us from the start. With the natural growth of the team we made a mutual decision to go our separate roads. Thank you for everything guys.

Angus Calder​ Antoine Gizardin​ Angus Wilson​ Chris Powell​ Ben Van Dam​ Patrick Sharpe​ Robert Matthews​ Daniel Corbett Tanja Boric​ Alastair Reither​ Beautown Heath​ Moosh Brown​ Taj Jones​ Alex Abell​ Jordan Schmidt​ Chris Kennett​ Sam Bascombe​ Simon Thomson​ Sebastian Meyer-Clode​ Grahame De Carvalho​ Harrisen Bryant​ Leigh Phillips​ Justin Tomlinson​ Christopher Miller​ Geoffrey Stubbs​ Daniel Van Der Laan​ Luke Plapp​



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