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As a new addition to Nero Racing Team Edition, it was an intimidating step up to face the Grafton to Inverell. Arguably, Australia’s toughest one day race and my first NRS experience. On the morning of the race, I felt a great sense of achievement in donning the Nero Racing Team kit knowing that I would shortly be taking part in my first ever NRS race. The race itself was on from the go with different teams trying to establish a break well before the main climb.

However, the peloton reeled in each breakaway attempt as the right mix of riders required for a successful break was never formed.

Unfortunately for me this resulted in a very high pace being set going into the main climb which resulted in me dropping off the back prior to the main climb.

Determined to see the race out I regrouped with a few other riders and we then chopped off for the next 190km. I almost decided to pull the pin at the second feed station with less than 50km to go however the top up of food (fairy bread - Yes you saw it here first!) and drink saw me through to the finish. On reflection I am proud to say I gave it everything I had and was stoked to finish the race. I also want to express my gratitude to the guys and girl that made their way north to offer support to the team riders. The support and motivation given by these guys was instrumental in me finishing this great race. Big kudos to Chris Miller for stomping it the entire race and finishing right at the pointy end despite his recent weight handicap and also to the other Nero Team members who all had great races! Looking forward to many more races to come. Beautown aka 'flea' #ChilliIsLife



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