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NRS Team Announcement: Tour de Brisbane

It's time to extend summer and head to Tour de Brisbane for National Road Series with Cycling Australia NRS Classic with 110km closed road road race & criterium.

If you're up in Brisbane and see us riding around over the next few days make sure you come and say hi or look out on social media for where we'll be.

Overall though we excited for the next few #nrs19 races in the northern warmth #thisisqueensland #visitbrisbane #tourdebrisbane#fivepointeight

Riders in Brisbane: Jay Vine, Jesse Coyle, Christopher Miller, Sam Bascombe, Jordan Louis, Bentley Olden, Leigh Phillips

Team Partners: Bianchi Australia, Shimano-Road, Lazer Sport Australia,CeramicSpeed, Athletes Gel, Sydney Uni Velo SUVelo, Sony Australia,Sci-Fleet Toyota


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