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Race Report | B2B Gold Wave | 110km Road Race

The Cycling NSW​ road season kicked off with the B2B road race. Whilst it may have been a chilly enough start in Blayney, it was nothing an aero jersey and Nero base layer couldn't fix.

The Gold Wave rolled out and after a few attempted breaks the main break of the day got away that included 13-14 riders with all the teams well represented. We had Angus Calder​ in the break, but with a break that size and with that quality of riders, we really needed at least two.

Danny Roberts-Clarke​ and Shaun MacWilliam​ were working well trying to keep tabs on the break, however it was a tall order with the quality up the road.

Shortly after the first main climb, a split was formed in the cross wind. Garry Millburn​ used his Heffron experience to make the selection, whilst Moosh​, Danny and Shaun chopped off to get in reaching distance of this group to allow Christopher​ to bridge and be the last man to join that group.

Back to the front of the race, the attacks were coming thick and fast up the main and decisive climb of the day. About 6-7 riders crested the top first that would end up containing all the podium places. Gussy dropped back to group 2 to help Chris and Garry. They worked well together, aiming to get Gaz in the top 10 but just fell short with him finishing 13th.

Final results and congrats to Dylan Sutherland, Marcus Culey​ and Michael Potter​.

Massive thanks to all the event coordinators, marshalls and helpers for putting on an awesome event that incorporates elites, fondo and participation riders. Chapeau!!



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