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It's not often a little tactic you talk about before the race plays out right in front of you ... and you have the camera on, but today's race was just that.

We talked about trying to break the race up any way we could, as we knew a large number of the field were there to make it to the finish. Now while I'm not saying it worked perfectly, as we didn't win the race, it was nice to see our playbook getting a little bigger.

I should mention, as I know I'll be asked, the reason there is no bike footage after an hour of racing (when things got really interesting) was a "User Error" ... ie. I forgot to format the card from the last race and the memory card filled up.

That said, we got some great stuff early on that I hope you guys will enjoy. As I mention in the sign off we have a super busy week this week, culminating with the second round of the NRS kicking off. We will obviously be doing our best to get as much content you as possible, however we will be in the hands of the internet Gods up there.

Finally guys, the LIVE show ... we have learnt a huge amount doing it, but I'd be lying if I said we were delighted with both the final product and the general pick up of it. I'm really keen to hear your thoughts on it, and we'll be having at least one more go from up at the NRS race, so one more chance to let us know what you really think.


----------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTAGRAM: @chrismiller27 @nerokomracing TWITTER: @chrismiller @nerokomracing WEB: STRAVA: BIKE BIANCHI SPECIALISSMA GROUPSET: Shimano Dura Ace Di2 FILMING EQUIPMENT: SERVICE & SUPPORT: Le Spit Cyclery INCOME PROTECTION FOR CYCLISTS: TEAM CAR: MERCEDES BENZ C250d From Mercedes-Benz Sydney TEAM VAN: MERCEDES BENZ Sprinter Panel From Mercedes-Benz Sydney

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All shot on a Sony a6500, Sony RX100 V, Sony RX 0, GoPro Hero 6, iPhone 8+


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