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#BeausBowl Log – Brickfields, Chippendale – Friday 22/09/17

The bell was rung late this week for the weekly Nero #FriYAY bunch ride. Despite this the usual suspects turned up keen for the unknown post ride parkup. This week the decision was made to check out a local Chippendale haunt by the name of Brickfields.

According to GoodFood “It's a bakery first, coffee bar second and cafe third” which I think sums it up perfectly. When we arrived the staff were in the process of unloading some freshly baked croissants and pastries straight from the oven - TICK freshly baked goods.

Upon reviewing the menu items I decided to roll with the fairly unorthodox cauliflower croissant which according to the manager was a house favourite. I was keen on trying a croissant of some variant as a review conducted by The Urban List listed the croissants at Brickfields within the top 10 in Sydney (see

The filling consisted of a very typical cauliflower bake (i.e. white sauce, cheese and cauliflower). This unlikely pairing with Brickfields warm, light and perfectly flaky croissant worked really well and the manager was kind enough to throw in some house made chilli jam (did I mention I am a #ChilliAddict). For me this symphony of flavours results in me awarding a 4/5 for the food.

The coffee at Brickfields was also choice and despite being a bakery at heart these guys know how to brew a smooth cup of coffee using the well-known locally roasted Mecca beans. On this front Brickfields also scores a 4/5.

There is a ton of space for a horde of cyclists to parkup as the bakery is located at the end of a cul-de-sac with plenty of trees and free wall space. However, you probably would want to get to Brickfields early or at non-peak times as there is limited seating. We did not have any issues though rolling up at 730am and were all seated neatly together.

The service was quick and efficient and leads to a score of 3.5/5 for parkup.

Overall, Brickfields earns a very respectable 4/5 on #BeausChilliScale and really sets the bar of what a good bakery should be. Until next week…

Please note the #FriYAY Nero bunch ride is open to all and I encourage anyone who is keen for an easy spin and wants to partake in some quality banter to come along. See you next week!

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