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After weeks of nagging, a good mate of mine finally got through to me and convinced me to go and check out Morris café in Paddington. Based on the rave reviews I thought Morris café would present an ideal #FriYAY Nero bunchie ride parkup send-off for fellow team mate Danny Roberts Clarke (the DRC) who is set to bid farewell to Australia in the coming week.

Now I had pre-planned this week’s parkup and contacted the proprietor (Anne Cooper) the day before to ensure she could accommodate a large group of cyclists at opening time. Anne was more than accommodating and reserved several tables outside the café right adjacent to the wall where everyone had parked their bikes (did I mention ample bike up!). Unfortunately, the tables were located under the building eve and the shading resulted in that dreaded gradual decline towards hyperthermia. Now based on the combination of the above factors I would give a 3/5 for bike parkup however Morris café had an Ace up it’s sleeve in the form of its resident dog. This rad little guy took my mind off the artic like conditions and ups the parkup factor to 3.5/5.

The other thing that took the edge off the morning chill was the coffee. Although Morris are a sandwich and eatery establishment at heart they definitely brew up a good cuppa and demonstrate their excellent brew craft in their latte art. On this front Morris earns a respectable 4/5.

There was a lot of diversity in the food ordered by the group and I was fortunate to sample several different menu items. First up is the in-house made banana and peanut butter muffins. These things literally melt in your mouth as they come out piping hot with the chocolate and peanut butter toppings in a not quite liquid/not quick solid state. The bircher muesli was similarly impressive both in presentation and flavour and had a definite coconut/honey kick.

I personally ordered the zucchini chilli scrambled eggs option as I generally never go past any menu item with chilli in it (#ChilliIsLife). The omelette was simply delicious with a generous amount of cheese worked into it to really take it to the next level. With my order, I did ask for additional chilli however the spice wasn’t that hot. I should note though that I normally bring my own chilli when dining out (no joke), so my tolerance level is pretty high.

Some of the menu items I didn’t get to try but looked amazing included the Morris George Breaky Roll (this is a deluxe bacon and egg roll with provolone cheese…YUM), Morris Fruit Toast and the Toasted Cheesy Pickle. The serving size for all breakfasts was decent and ensured I wasn’t reaching for the weetbix box at work prior to lunch. It is for these reasons Morris earns a 4.5/5 for food.

So overall, Morris earns a 4/5 on #BeausChilliScale.

Please note the #FriYAY Nero bunch ride is open to all and I encourage anyone who is keen for an easy spin and wants to partake in some quality banter to come along. See you next week!

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