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Something a little different today guys. I'd been wanting to do this type of thing for some time now, really it was after chatting to people in bunches and in cafes after my crash, that I realized the crash "experience" was so different and yet so similar for everyone.

So yes, this is what I would describe as a bit more of an "INFOVLOG" (is that a is now), believe it or not I actually researched this. So with that said I really want to thanks James Nguyen (CNSW), Matt Napier (BNSW), and a massive shout out to Alan Corven (President CCBUG). Truth be told I could not have done this without Alan, I am still working out a way to provide his chart below, if anyone knows a good way of attaching a PDF to a video, please let me know.

Also, thanks to Dan Corbett and the KOMFA team. They could have pushed me to turn this into a KOMFA ad, as their products and policies are well and truly in this space. But they were more then happy for me to simply provide the facts and letting that do the talking. That said, if you are interested in their products, head over to:


Finally, we mentioned in the title sequence, THIS IS NOT MEDICAL OR LEGAL ADVICE ... I am a 30 something MAMIL who spent a few afternoons researching bike crashes on the back of my own .... enough said.

Well be back to your regularly scheduled, poorly planned, episodes next up

----------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTAGRAM: @chrismiller27 @nerokomracing TWITTER: @chrismiller @nerokomracing WEB: STRAVA: BIKE BIANCHI SPECIALISSMA GROUPSET: Shimano Dura Ace Di2 SERVICE & SUPPORT: Atelier d'Velo INCOME PROTECTION FOR CYCLISTS: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All shot on a Sony a6500, Sony RX100 V, iPhone 8+, GoPro Session

#bike #bikecrash


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