EPISODE 011 | Xmas Stitch Up Ride (iPhone edit)

EPISODE 011 || SUBSCRIBE: http://bit.ly/2gMWc1t

After a logistic stuff up that saw me with no car and a family 200km south of Sydney, it was time to jump on the bike (via a sneaky train) to take in a couple of Southern Highland climbs ... oh and go see the family.

I'm also 'without camera and laptop' so the challenge was set to shoot everything on the iPhone and GoPro, and then edit it all on the iPhone.

##UPDATE## So after doing just that, I was having difficulty uploading via the YouTube app (crashing at 67%?!), so I have slightly cheated and moved the file onto Elizabeth's laptop to upload via a desktop connection. Also I found transferring the footage from the GoPro to the iPhone killed the GoPro's battery, meaning I could only get short clips ... some good lessons for the next Xmas stitch up ride


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All shot on a Canon G7X Mark 2, iPhone 6s+ with moment fisheye lens. Edited in Final Cut Pro X.



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