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EPISODE 028 | The Best Day At The Tour Down Under


Super last day (for us) at Tour Down Under. Linked up with our club mates at @SydneyUniVelo for the ride down to McLaren Vale and the start of stage 5.

The rest of the day really takes care of itself.

Thanks again to the people (and drivers) of Adelaide for making this such a special week. As cyclist we are eternally grateful for your patience and respect, even if we don't always deserve it.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTAGRAM: @chrismiller27 @neroracing TWITTER: @chrismiller @neroracing WEB: STRAVA: BIKE Noah SL - GROUPSET: SERVICE & SUPPORT: Cycling Projects Racing Ashbury ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

All shot on a Canon G7X Mark 2, iPhone 6s+ with moment fisheye lens. Edited in Final Cut Pro X.



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