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Episode 102 || SUBSCRIBE:

So a little bit of house keeping

1. The 10% discount code for VLOG subscribers on all Decca kits is now live, just use the code 'VLOG' during the checkout

2. Those #crookedlid photos ... remember, they are photos! We've had a few people just tagging us and using the hashtag, but no photo ... com'on we need that awesome look.

Ok, now a few people commented on Sunday's race that I was wearing a skinsuit with no pockets. They were asking where I was putting my food (up the short leg) and what was I eating. So I go a little of the way to describe that today.

Also, we have a look at the major selection from Sunday's race, and have a chat about how that came about. Fair to say it was quite a different method to how the criterium from the other week played out.

Finally, on my little rant. As this goes to air their website is still devoid of any material from the race. I'm happy to be proved wrong by a wonderful piece from NSW Cycling describing the event ... go on, I dare you.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTAGRAM: @chrismiller27 @neroracing TWITTER: @chrismiller @neroracing WEB: STRAVA: BIKE Noah SL - GROUPSET: SERVICE & SUPPORT: Cycling Projects Racing Ashbury ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All shot on a Canon G7X Mark 2, Go Pro Hero 5, Cycliq FLY 12, iPhone 5se. Edited in Final Cut Pro X.



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