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You probably gauged from the into to today's VLOG, I really had no idea what to expect from myself today. It has been so long (May, I think), since I had done an ITT of any worth, and whilst we did some prep on the Time Trial bike before the Team Time Trial in July, the bike has been collecting dust for a good few months.

That said, I'm riding well at the moment (OMG! A cyclist who says they are happy with how they are riding, shocking right), but seriously, I've felt great on the bike since getting back from the States. So lack of specific preparation and good fitness ... lets see how that turns out.

The other main feature today is the discussion with Jesse and Dan about Jesse's pre-TT-race dilemmas. I want to really thanks both those guys for being as honest and insightful as they were. It is very rare to get an elite athlete like JC willing to share that kind of information with you guys, as well as Dan's methods for solving them. There are really good guys.

Finally, a shout out to Peter Milostic. I won't lie that I do doubt myself attempting to keep up with these super fast kids, and I am by no means saying I am in any way as talented or committed as Peter, but to know he can achieve what he does, at his age with the commitments he has ... is an inspiration.

1. Peter Milostic 2. Jesse Coyle 3. Jay Dutton 4. Chris Miller


INSTAGRAM: @chrismiller27 @neroracing TWITTER: @chrismiller @neroracing WEB: STRAVA: BIKE Noah SL - SERVICE & SUPPORT: Cycling Projects Racing Ashbury ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All shot on a Sony a6500, Shimano Sports Camera, iPhone 8 Plus, Edited in Final Cut Pro X.


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